Medicare Supplements
These plans are standardized by medicare. Each plan covers different services so you choose the plan that best fits your life. You will need both Medicare parts A & B to qualify.

Plans A, B, C, F, K, L, & N
Medicare Advantage: Both PPO and PFFS
These plans provide you with comprehensive medical and hospital coverage. Some advantages include low copays for services, annual out-of-pocket spending limits, $0 copays for annual Preventive Care and much more. Plans with or without prescription drug coverage are available. You need both Medicare parts A & B to qualify
Today's Options - PFFS, PPO
Secure Herizons - PPO
Evercare - PPO Dual Eligible
Life Insurance
Senior whole life insurance known as final expense plans that provide you with piece of mind. Final expenses should not be a burden for your family or loved ones. You can relax knowing when they are faced with the inevitable expense such as your Funeral and Administrative and Probate fees, you have provided for them. Senior whole life insurance is offered through American Progressive Life and Health Insurance Company of New York.

NO medical examination is required to obtain the valuable coverage. Just a few simple medical questions to determine the coverage for which you may qualify.
Medicare Part D
These plans help with the cost of prescription drugs. You will need medicare part A or part B to qualify.

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